Saturday, 30 January 2010

after exam!

It's been ages since I updated my page. I have been busy with exams and lots of friends were coming to London before the new term started. These are the few pictures I have taken and edited in PS. I will add more pictures later after the post processing. Have a good day!

1/80s , 28.0 mm , f/4.0 , ISO 400

This is my experiment with the so-called LEGEND Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 which I bought from eBay but I returned it due to filter thread misalignment. I love it, it is sharp, beautiful colour rendition and contrast is great. However, I expect more for the price! ( Maybe it's just me :) ) Hand held , 1/4000s , 17.0 mm , f/5.6 , ISO 320

Playing with my Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 DF , which is a great lens for the price! It is sharp and the range is wide enough for my walk around lens :)
Hand held at 1/160s , 70.0 mm , f/5.6 , ISO 200

Shot taken using my loyal 50mm f/1.4. This metal beast rocks on DX body, but it is bulky and pricey! I love the build quality, but the price tag for a new one is keeping me away from it :) Hand held at 1/60s , 50.0 mm , f/3.5 , ISO 1600

Study time!
Hand held at 1/15s , 55.0 mm , f/5.6 , ISO 250

Shot taken in front of my penthouse in Manor House.
Hand held at 1/320s , 17.0 mm , f/7.1 , ISO 500

My favourite picture so far :) It was a very sunny day since winter period ( which was very dull with no sun ray! ) I took this shot throught the window next to my bed. What a lovely evening!
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 , 1/1000s , 80.0 mm , f/10.0 , ISO 200

This is the shot from the same spot as the previous picture with different composition. I saw the glowing cloud and could not resist from pressing the shutter.
Same lens , 1/800s , 80.0 mm , f/10.0 , ISO 200

This shot was taken when I first got the Nikkor 17-55mm on my hand. What a lovely lens!
Hand held at 1/160s , 17.0 mm , f/7.1 , ISO 500

Syamil Chara Cha Cha as my model during one sunny evening. I did not compose this image carefully ( because I just snapped! ) with distracting objects at the background. However, the blue diffraction from my perfume really adds the punch to the picture!
Hand held at 1/25s , 50.0mm , f/3.2 , ISO 200

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I accidentally took this picture. There was a very bright sun beam from behind. I used the beam as the light source to give the gold ring effect to syamil. i love it!

a building in vauxhall where we went to a car boot sale.proud to mention that was my first time going to such event! love the colours of the building and the blue sky.

i could not really remember what is this, but i think it is shamil's lens barrel. i was experimenting with my cosina 100mm and i love the sharpness!

Monday, 4 January 2010

samyang 8mm f/3.5

i bought this lens about 2 months ago as an alternative to the relatively more expensive nikkor. this lens is made from korea and it is build like a tank, better than my nikkor 50 1.4. i've been experimenting with this lens, and i love it as much as i love my nikkors! it is very sharp for the price and it renders colours beautifully. the fish-eye lens gives me the chance to be careful when composing my pictures and i like the creative perspective it creates :)

these are my shots using the lens and i will add some more later.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

visit to regents park, london

i was so bored that i went to the park alone. actually i want to focus more on macro shot, as in flowers. however, i ended up taking pictures of big fat squirrels! they are relatively fatter during the winter, presumably due to the hibernation process ( I myself hibernate in my warm duvet but people told me that i seem to be losing weight. what a joke). I did some alterations in Adobe Elements 8.0, playing with layers and some colour settings.
i hope you like them! :)

100mm , 1/200s , f/7.1 , ISO 200 ( with SB600 )

100mm , 1/250s , f/3.5 , ISO 640

100mm , 1/250s , f/3.5 , ISO 800

100mm , 1/250s , f/3.5 , ISO 800

i regretted that i didn't bring my nikkor 80-200mm to the park so that i could get tighter portrait of them without getting too close to the subject. by the way, i will be going to the park again and bring some food for them ( they love being pampered! )

Friday, 1 January 2010

finsbury park part 1

This picture is taken while me,syamil and fido took a walk at Finsbury Park, the nearest last option entertainment we have here in Manor House. It is kinda dull since it is still winter, and I couldn't see any blooming flowers ( what am i expecting?? ).

by the way, we found a pond ( i guess so ) and we took some pictures since we've been waiting for the sunset, and i'd love to compose a picture without ignoring the darkened foreground ( at which i use my flash with a diffuser ).

no editing since i'm too lazy for this time being. maybe later. it was freezing cold at that exact time, so we just snapped and quickly headed back to amper house hoping for a warm hug from my heated underblanket -_-

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

fresh start

hi everyone. i am not here to tell you guys about my daily life of write any love poem. i am here to post my pictures ( not just portrait of mine , but the pictures i have taken ) and tell stories about them ( not too long story i suppose ) and some technical description. i am a digital camera geek, so pardon me if you are not interested on reading it. you might leave peacefully without posting any offensive comment. i am not a graduate from photography courses. i am self taught, and some friends of mine ( syamil, apen, matrid, amirul titisan and jetlipopan ) who discussed with me and taught me on certain valuable topics in photography.

Syamil, Apen and Einstein

i have a flickr page, but it is kinda dull in there. i want to tell stories of the pictures i made, not by just posting them and wait for positive comments from readers who admire them. i am not a purist since i am an artist ( i want to be one ). i didn't capture one picture so that it will look as it is. i want it to be meaningful and contains story. i might manipulate my pictures to make them look as i want ( since i am the artist, i am the one who created them using the real sources, certain tools and my own creativity ).

i might write some technical stuffs about digital photography or reviews. as i mentioned before, i am a geek and you guys who want to follow this blog, please bare with me.

p/s ; do comment if you like my posts, do comment if u don't ( in a good manner ).