Saturday, 30 January 2010

after exam!

It's been ages since I updated my page. I have been busy with exams and lots of friends were coming to London before the new term started. These are the few pictures I have taken and edited in PS. I will add more pictures later after the post processing. Have a good day!

1/80s , 28.0 mm , f/4.0 , ISO 400

This is my experiment with the so-called LEGEND Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 which I bought from eBay but I returned it due to filter thread misalignment. I love it, it is sharp, beautiful colour rendition and contrast is great. However, I expect more for the price! ( Maybe it's just me :) ) Hand held , 1/4000s , 17.0 mm , f/5.6 , ISO 320

Playing with my Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 DF , which is a great lens for the price! It is sharp and the range is wide enough for my walk around lens :)
Hand held at 1/160s , 70.0 mm , f/5.6 , ISO 200

Shot taken using my loyal 50mm f/1.4. This metal beast rocks on DX body, but it is bulky and pricey! I love the build quality, but the price tag for a new one is keeping me away from it :) Hand held at 1/60s , 50.0 mm , f/3.5 , ISO 1600

Study time!
Hand held at 1/15s , 55.0 mm , f/5.6 , ISO 250

Shot taken in front of my penthouse in Manor House.
Hand held at 1/320s , 17.0 mm , f/7.1 , ISO 500

My favourite picture so far :) It was a very sunny day since winter period ( which was very dull with no sun ray! ) I took this shot throught the window next to my bed. What a lovely evening!
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 , 1/1000s , 80.0 mm , f/10.0 , ISO 200

This is the shot from the same spot as the previous picture with different composition. I saw the glowing cloud and could not resist from pressing the shutter.
Same lens , 1/800s , 80.0 mm , f/10.0 , ISO 200

This shot was taken when I first got the Nikkor 17-55mm on my hand. What a lovely lens!
Hand held at 1/160s , 17.0 mm , f/7.1 , ISO 500

Syamil Chara Cha Cha as my model during one sunny evening. I did not compose this image carefully ( because I just snapped! ) with distracting objects at the background. However, the blue diffraction from my perfume really adds the punch to the picture!
Hand held at 1/25s , 50.0mm , f/3.2 , ISO 200


  1. syamil chara cha cha tu ape?
    cantik gmbr ko edit ni acip..hihih

  2. klau ain nak tau, syamil ni sebenarnye seorang penari irama cha-cha yg tersohor di semenanjung.

  3. thnks ain :)
    x la seterer ain mengedit gmbr.hehe
    syamil tu mmg bekas penari pon. slalu je mnari dlm bilik bla kmi xde kt umah.hehe